Skill 1

Skills are special attacks or abilities that help you in battle. Some skills attack and inflict damage on monsters, while others heal and remove status effects from you or your party members. Other skills temporarily increase attributes such as Physical Attack power.

Viewing Skills

Skills 2

To view your skills, click the Skill Button (K) in the Menu Bar. For each skill that you have, its name, icon, and progress is displayed in the list. For specific details on the Skill, click the plus sign '+' next to the skill name.

Equipping Skills

Skills 3

1. Open the Skill Window.

2. Click and drag the Skill Icon to the Hot Key Bar. You may only use the alphabetic keys to assign skills.

3. To use Skills, press the key corresponding to the keys on the Hot Key Bar.

Skill Mastery

Skills 4

Each skill level contains a Skill Mastery Bar that can be filled by casting your skills on monsters. For every monster that you damage with a skill, you earn one point for that certain skill.

For the "buff" or healing skill types, which you can only cast on yourself and other players, each time you use the skill is counted as a single point toward your Skill Mastery.

Skills 5

If you want to quickly view how far along you are to leveling up your skills, simply hover your mouse over any skill in the Hot Key Bar.

Upgrading Skills

Skills 6

Once you have reached the maximum number of points for a given skill level, you can upgrade the skill by visiting a Skill Trainer.

1. Find and click the Skill Trainer.

2. Select "Skill Trainer" in the menu.

3. In the Skill shopping window, click the skill you want to learn.

4. Confirm your selection.